Who We Are

Our purpose is to provide a digital platform to both domestic and foreign companies.

We aim to be the best digital marketing agency in India . We guarantee to give quality and satisfaction to our clients. At D.A.R.T. , we believe in developing solutions that serve you with enhanced utility for the long period of time .In the era of Digital revolution , our whole technical part is flawlessly managed and compliments the creative design. D.A.R.T. specialises in website designing and development , social media marketing, SEO marketing and content marketing.

A sound understanding of online solutions and internet usage as well as it’s time efficient processes and transparency in client interactions have combined to build an impenetrable reputation.

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We believe in building long term relations based on the foundation of trust. Trust is important to build the foundation of this relationship, once in place you can build trust on top of that loyalty. This leads to customer’s commitment to do business with you again and recommend you and your services or product to friends and family. We create solutions that create waves in the web world and return substantial results. Simplicity, innovation and quality being the core values of D.A.R.T. we believe in providing constant improvement we believe a great design with visually appealing colour is what makes you and your website unique and different .

Our process of work is divided into stages which makes us one of the best digital marketing and web development agency in Delhi NCR. First and foremost we analyse the needs of our clients/customers .We full fill your aim and grow along with your organisation ,therefore we put our best efforts on every single project in hand . Our services includes social media marketing, website designing, SEO marketing and content marketing. This very much takes us to our very next step which is allocation of resources. Allocation of the designated work is very important , we have a team of fresh enthusiastic mindset with systematic layout of floorwork and most importantly every role is clear amongst the employees with leads us to become effective as well as efficient .This step also includes discussion about connecting our services with requirements of the clients /customers. This is the most important step in any project management . Our services includes social media marketing, website designing, seo marketing and content marketing . Our third step is implementation of discussed layout plan or we can also say converting plan into action this also includes very much providing the right information . The coordination of technical and creative team helps in website development , social media marketing , SEO marketing and content marketing which makes us the top digital marketing service company for website development SEO marketing and content marketing. Analysis of work provided by us has a great significance as it helps us in improving and providing better ideas for our client . Building long term relationship with clients is our priority which can only be build if complete satisfaction is delivered. Long term customers relationships absolutely underpin great businesses, they drive recommendations and build brand identity within a demographic or geo-specific location. Building a loyal customer base is the top priority for our organisation.


Our Hard Working Team

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Karan Singh

Head Of Sales

I'm karan singh I will look after the sales department of the company as sales play a very important role in a company Giving in new targets,setting new goals,team building,strengthen our workforce, knowing your authority and responsibilities even better and making a better way to take our company to a new level I will be handling all these things so that our company’s sales department can work at its full efficiency and reach all the targets that will benefit the basic objective of our company which is growth.

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Aakansha Sharma

Head Of Marketing & Operation

I'm Aakansha Sharma, who comes from a creative field of painting and art and specialised in the field of marketing. Hence, creating interactive and attractive designs and strategies to engage audience and spreading the word. Walking with the world, also gained knowledge in the field of digital marketing and knows the depths of the online world which provides an extra edge in creating online presence more engaging. I will be the one you can rely on for your companies' digital marketing strategies and growth.

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Dhimanshu Hastouriya

Head Of Human Resource

Namaste I'm Dhimanshu Hastouriya and I love to manage the working environment of the firm, solving departmental clashes, recruiting new fresh talent , keeping the team as one and supervising them, strategizing the plans, helping and guiding the employees so that they can achieve their utmost goals and of course making employees and work environment as happy as possible.


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Passion is an internal motivator, it’s about the passion that is within us, a regard of one’s intrinsic, unique desires. Passion that impels us to evolve to provide service offerings our clients don’t even know they need yet. It’s passion that holds our standards high.


We never give up seeking creative ways to solve tough problems. We value original thinking, the passion to conquer difficult challenges, and thoughtful feedback which helps us improve.

We Are One Team

We work together collaboratively & selflessly to bring our passions and expertise to make our work the best it can be.


We focus on a few key priorities and ensure we deliver with quality on time…every time. We relentlessly deliver high-quality experiences on the each of our projects.


We know that creating simple things is hard. Here we tackle the complexity, work-on the details, and choose to deliver simple-yet-great experiences for our customers.

Committed To Constant Improvement

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Constantly seeking personal and professional growth. We believe our team be honest about their mistakes and learn from them.